Insulin Basic Knowledge

Insulin play an important role in help ourselves using glucose effectively, any change of its characteristic resulting in abnormal uses of glucose that could lead to plenty of serious health conditions including hypoglycermia (low blood sugar), hyperglycermia (high blood sugar) and diabetes.


Why are some aerobic dancers still fat?


Aerobic dance becoming popular among Cambodian people, especially those who are aged around 45 to 60 years old. They form up a team with one or two instructors, and they do the dancing every evening from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. something.

The main purpose of their activities, hoping to burn some calories and reduce they belly fats for healthy living as well as better body shape. However, it seems like their objectives are hardly to achieve. Why is that so? Based on my observation, below are some possible reasons that could lead them not to achieve their objectives:

  1. Commitment: Some people they really want to reduce their body weight, burn their belly fats, however, they seem do not have a clear and strong commitment. They somehow, do not follow it and normally the rate of their action drop within two months, and they return to their previous hobbits and life again.
  2. Lack of attention of what they are eating: Principle of losing body weight, and belly fats is to limit your high caloric dense food such as fast food, fried food etc. However, I can say that nearly 60% of aerobic dancer will have something to eat after their dancing finish and clearly you will see a lot of mobile cart that selling fast foods stand, and selling around the park. They will never be able to loss any calories because this action.
  3. Lack of understanding about their food: Knowing how to eat is good, however, understanding about your foods is another story. You need to have a certain level of understanding about the calories that you’ll get from your food and calculate precisely in order to reduce a certain weight. Example: look at the food that some famous boxing athlete eat, especially, Many PACMAN Pacquiao, his foods are healthy and very optimal.
  4. They need to know that “aerobic alone is not enough”: Aerobic dancing look so ideally in reducing weight and burning belly fats, however, just practicing aerobic dancing alone will enough since aerobic dancing itself will not burn much calories and fats.

These are some reasons that observed why most of aerobic dancers still could not reduce any weight, some people even increase their body weight instead of losing it.

Weight reduction principle: Calories in = calories out

Product Manager – a product’s story teller


In pharmaceutical business, product manager plays an important role in  ensuring the product work well, and generate the profit to the company. Product manager is the not only person that will make the brand shine, they also the person that dump the brand’s future as well.

After many years in roles, and years in coaching role, I’ve read, done and seen a lot, both negative and positive results. Today, I’m going to share with you three important elements of being a successful product manager

1. Know yourself:

While knowledge is important, knowing yourself as a product manager is even more important. Many  product managers who have high education and/or knowledge, might not actually bring the future to the brand. Knowing yourself is about your company, your current proposition, your mind and your progression of action . 

2. Knowing your market:

It’s look obvious to handle a brand while you know nothing about its market, it’s like eating an unknown wild fruit. It doesn’t matter what your background hold, or your how high your educate is, those will help you nothing if you rely on it too much.

A successful product manager knows everything about their market from A to Z, both internal and external, their own products and also their competitor’s products.

The opportunity is not actually come from only your product’s strength but more often business opportunity hidden in how well you understand your market situation.

How to really understand the market? Well, it’s quite simple, get your *ss out of your chair and office and get it into the market. 

Only exploring the market, understand how well your competitors are, and how your customer feedbacks are… only by then you’ll see the opportunity and future hold for your brand.

3. Understanding the story behind your brand:

Sitting and reading your brand’s product monograph or product profile is not actually making you become a strong product manager. You need to really understand the story, the rational, and the insight beyond what you see in the papers and product. It’s like a good story teller is not a person who can read or remember the story very well, but it’s about the person who can transform the story in the book into a complete meaning story telling with empathy and emotion.

Be able to tell to you customers the story of your products is very important, and only by that, you’ll success as a product manager.

Good luck…


2017 Life Goal

2016 was such a great year for me – daughter, assets, health and some part of life. However, there were a lot of things that I need to change and fix for 2017.

#1 – Have breakfast regularly

Even though I knew that breakfast is very important for brain, and build up momentum for the rest of the day, but I still could not have it regularly in 2016. Late for work, lost appetite, picky eating behavior were the key that generated that. Sometime, I had some bread, sometime eggs, sometime just only coffee and in result, my health was not good, and I faced my health problem including weak-lean-body.

#2 – Strengthen work-life balance

It was almost a year (2016) that I tried to reduced to bring works to do at home. I tried to spent more time with my little girl and my wife. However, those still a bit far from what I planned, I need to strengthen and reduce it even more. But this year schedule even more lumpy than last year. Let’s see how will I handle it.

#3 – Reduce some stress and smile even more

Smile is the key to build your new day and also the way that you can reduce or cover-up your unhappy things. I tried to smile a lot but I should do it even more.

#4 – Be professional

The past few months, I have done it properly. My dress was not properly iron, don’t have much new dress for work etc. Those are the things that I need to fix it in 2017. Buy some new dress, properly iron during the day… I need to get my professional behavior back, yay!

To be continue…